Pharrell’s HAPPY sang for Praise & Worship

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Tori Ferguson says:

Too many Christians are too caught up in being “Christian” rather than
following Jesus’s example, which is a message of love and positivity. Some
say oh it’s SECULAR, I simply cannot listen to it! Uh but it’s about love
and happiness, is that not what the very definition of Jesus’ message? Lol,
makes me shake my head. Each to their own, but I honestly think it’s bs if
you think you can’t sing something like that for praise and worship

Rohan Davey says:

In regards to the Kirk’s song Stomp, they did say the name Jesus in there,
that wasn’t the major issue as I remember it. Back then, the issues people
had was that (1) he sampled George Clinton’s music – secular music – for
the remix; (2) some folk took issue with Salt from Salt ‘N’ Pepa being on
the track, primarily because a lot of people didn’t know she had been saved
for quite some time at that point; and (3) they started playing Stomp in
the clubs and secular radio stations, the first time that had happened in a

Kim .Fuller says:

I had a feeling this would happen while listening to that song today 

Jodie Walton says:

Everything really depends on where u draw the sacred and secular line. I
personally don’t think that it’s wrong /sinful……but I don’t think it
was /is wise to do mainstream music in a atmosphere of what should be
worship. This goes for any mainstream song. We have to be conscious of the
weaker believer. Doing this can cause confusion. The world already has a
skewed and religious view of the church, this, in my opinion, would only
fuel the fire. 

Serena Monet says:

That lady in that grey dress had a Soul Train flash back.

jaylon barnes says:

Some Christians are just really full of S#%! They contradict themselves way
to much,im a full believer in God and the faith. But dang!!! Mary Mary
coulda wrote.the same song and performed it and got all type of awards for
it.BUT because the song is sung by a secular artist it shouldn’t be sang in
church even though the song is nothing but inspiration!!! And bein
positive. Smh Mary Mary have plenty of songs that’s simply about
inspiration and bein positive!!! Sooooooooo….

JD .McClurkin says:

Might as well sing the chorus to ti’s dead and gone. Romans 6 says old man
is crucified and he that is dead is freed…..from SIN!!!!! At least ti
came from the scripture. LOL I’m just kidding!!!!! I think the spirit
behind which the song was written, sung and then reperformed is going to be
evident and come out in the song. Even if it’s by a gospel artist the song
might not have the ability to break chains, set free, exhort, encourage,
deliver, etc. it will probably just be good entertainment. Songs that
entertain should be left for concerts, not worship and praise. 

RiddyOnline says:

LOL….Kevin, I typed my comments below when i started watching the video
and it had to the be spirit cuz u was trodding ALL over my message..HAHA.

It’s “I believe I can fly” all over again…….

Look…I felt weird when I heard Kirk Franklin’s “Stomp” in the club…so
secular music shouldn’t be openly sang in the church like that. That’s how
I feel personally..HOWEVER…there’s nothing wrong with the lyrics of the
song so do you I guess.

TooCute1890 says:

Kev, you are so right. If we as Christians would focus on saving souls and
upholding what the Bible says, we would be much better off and folks
wouldn’t be so anti-Christian as they are now.

Moses D says:

I gotta post the one scripture that covers this from the word of God.
Ezekiel 44:23 King James Bible
And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane,
and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.

MiMo's TV Show says:

And frankly…. there is so much club/drug/booty music out there…. I
heard this song, and thought FINALLY… a positive song.. that just is what
it is! That is just my opinion though..

KMcCoy1976 says:

Make a Joyful Noise!!! (I’m not disturbed my the song…her dress did give
me pause…but if she comfortable…that’s her..*shrug*) How to reach the
masses men of every birth….for the answer Jesus gave the key. And if
I…If I be lifted up from the earth…I’ll Draw ALL MEN unto me…. I
don’t see anything wrong with it. Can’t please everybody….Everything
ain’t for everybody…However…..I often wonder why the people who seem to
make noise in public are blasting you remind me of my jeep in
private….BUT I’M JUST SAYING!!!

NiqueJ Miller says:

I think Christians don’t like artists like Kirk and Mary Mary because most
of them are hypocrites making money off of the happily deceived. Pharell
never claimed to be christian that I know of. Nobody is perfect but there
is a standard and if you’re not even trying to live right I don’t want to
hear anything you have to say about God. But Pharell being happy?! Who
gives a flip?! The lyrics are not offensive to God, his people or anyone
for that matter….i love it!

Smiley Emmanuel says:

I really have a problem with “church folk” always trying to speak for our
Father in heaven..wish there was no such thing as RELIGION..The Holy Spirit
has inspired MANY things that are not used in church people. 

Jessica Angulo says:

For me it’s all about the spirit of the song and what it’s intentions are.
I do only listen to gospel & christian music, but I do love other songs
like those on disney movies (yeah, I’m such a sinner lol), and sometimes I
can’t help but know certain songs by memory simply because they are so
popular (for ex: I believe I can fly, etc). However, I get a song that was
not created to please God and try to turn it into something that pleases
God. It’s like taking trash and trying to make it look nice unto God (get
me?). There’s even some Christian music that I wouldn’t sing in church
because it actually isn’t the same as what I believe (many songs actually
have different beliefs once you pay attention to the lyrics), but yeah,
that’s just me hahaha I did initially shake my head at all this, but then I
just forget about it in the sense that it’s what you want to believe and
what you do in church is between you and God, not me. And I can’t know that
I am 100% right (no matter how much I’d like to think so) so I have no
right to judge

Jeremy Cox says:

Agreed!!! Truth is there is liberty in Christ, but if our liberty
interferes with the walk of our brothers or sisters in Christ, then it’s
best to remove it from their presence. For instance, my choice of clothing
shouldn’t cause others to fall, but that didn’t mean I can’t wear what I
want within the privacy of my own house. How free do we see ourselves if we
have to push it on the ones around us despite how they feel?

Stephanie Stigers says:

I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Change the lyrics if you
want. Its a feel good song. My Heavenly Father is the source of my
happiness! So I am happy because of Him! 

ms eryka says:

this song sounds like a church spiritual …kudos pharrell !

Kenisha Curtis says:

No words……

John Doe says:

That’s what happens when you ask for suggestions and they turn in “Happy”
instead of “Happy by Tosha Cobbs.” You get Pharell. LOL

lynn williams says:

ALL i CAN SAy is this world is doomed, God has not changed, but people
have, and we wonder why this world is in such bad shape.

Ashleigh Lucas says:

I agree with you whole heartedly and stomp was condemned in my church house
i attend 

biggaizbetta says:

Why was the lady singing dress so tight ? SMH 

Ocie Shaquan Banks says:

This is a great video, and I appreciate the argument presented. But as a
Praise & Worship leader, I must say that this should not be sung in the
church. 1. It’s a secular song. 2. All music that’s played/sung in church
the HOUSE OF GOD must be JESUS-centured, based on Scripture, focused on the
centrality of the Gospel, must Praise & Worship GOD and GOD ALONE, and
usher in the divine presence of GOD. 3. We must discern the spirit behind
every song. I must say that this song removes the focus off of GOD and is a
distraction to worship because it was birthed in the secular arena.

Terrell060 says:

Sorry for my typos auto correct

Tina Lee says:

Even though I dont really agree with this song being sung from the pulpit
you have to agree that worse is going on up there these day than songs
written by non christian artists.

Trev WIlliams says:

I heard the song the other day, and I said to myself, it wouldn’t surmise
me if some one does this as a praise and worship song.

Stacey Allen says:

I like what u said Kev. U r so right. Im a more traditional type of guy
when it comes to church but I think in this situation…. to each it own!
(If u like it I love it)

A. Brown says:

Praise &&worship or concert??? Ppl taking secular music &&replacing a few
words with Jesus or God &&performing it is definitely nothin new, but I
just get comfused sometimes. I think some in the church just get so in to
it that they forget that its for the Lord not the ppl and not their egos.

Josh M says:

daughta is HAPPYYYY on that front row! lol 

monica oliver says:

People are so deep! LOL. The gospel is good news. We as Christians should
be happy, blessed, joyous. There is nothing vile in the song. I think we
forget we are to have abundant life…..For most Esther probably shouldn’t
be in the Bible because ‘God’ is not named once! 

Victeashianna Hinds says:

I believe everyone’s over thinking it. Its just a song with positive
lyrics. Being happy expresses Gods love. And we all should show a smile.
Its contagious (:

Shalisa Brown says:

J.Moss did a ‘remix’ to it… and that girl “needs a girTle.” – in my holy
ghost encounter voice. Lol.

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